Searching a Potential Roommate for Their Arrest History

So you’ve got some extra living space and have decided that it might help your financial situation if you find a roommate to share it with. It’s not the easiest decision to have a stranger move into your living quarters. If you really need the money and are looking for someone to share a place with, it might be best if you run a criminal background check of their name to see if they have a criminal record. By doing a criminal record check, you can see if they have an arrest history and for what.

arrest records

After interviewing a potential roommate all you have to do is put their name in the database and if they’ve got any criminal records it will show up in the report. The report will check public records to see if this person has any histories of arrest, court hearings, traffic violations, disorderly conduct, sexual violations, domestic abuse, and other such cases. It may be less awkward than asking outright to your potential roommate, “Do you have arrest records?” Some people may try to cover up their arrest records in an attempt to get on your good side. With online record checking services you get to verify that your roommate is telling the truth when they tell you that they haven’t had any problems with the law. Whether it’s something minor such as a traffic offense like speeding, or something like being reported for theft, you’ll be able to see such results in the report.

Rest at ease knowing that when you choose your roommate, you know you have a law-abiding citizen sharing a roof with you. There’s no need to feel paranoia that your roommate might do something upsetting while you sleep. Make your screening process easier by checking your potential roommates arrest history!


Find Your New Friend’s Criminal Record

As you grow older, it becomes more difficult to meet people and make new friends. Even more difficult is finding a person you can really trust. It’s easy to make friends in places where people gather for a purpose, like school, recreational clubs, or dedicated organizations. But sometimes, we can meet new people in public places like cafés, libraries, markets, and the like. It becomes tricky to ascertain a person’s credibility when we have practically no background of theirs to base them on. When you make a new friend and you’d like to find out more about their history without having to ask them about some potentially embarrassing questions you could always do an online search of their records to find out more about them.

criminal records

This is a very indirect method to check on a person’s public records. It helps to avoid an awkward conversation between you two. While it’s not the most traditional way to find out more about a person, it is truthful and thorough and it can help save you from getting involved in a bad situation. Your new friend could have a history of drug-dealing or violence and you wouldn’t know it. They might be a scam artist looking for new people to pull a fast one over. If you have some doubts about your new friend, you could search their name or phone number in a public records database and see if they have a criminal record on their name. Hopefully, they aren’t using a fake name with you, and the number they give you actually matches with it! If you find anything unsettling in their records, you may want to back off from this person before you get too attached to them. It’s better to find out now than have regrets about your situation later.

Searching For Lost Family? Find Them With A Public Record Search!

Are you estranged from your family? Do you have long-lost relatives? Is there an aunt you’ve always wanted to meet but never had a chance? Did your mother keep you away from your father because of reasons beyond your control? If you’ve ever wanted to get in touch with family members but never had a chance, now you have a means to do so. By performing a public record search you can find information about family members that can assist you in making contact with them. Whether you just want to know how they’re doing, or if you want to start a relationship by making contact, a record search will give you the information you’re looking for.

Perhaps there was a reason you were kept away from those relatives. If your mom was only trying to protect you from an abusive father, their criminal records will be revealed to you. You can learn all sorts of information about your relatives when you investigate their public records. If you really want to know the truth, and clarify things for yourself, go online and search for their records now! You may be surprised at what you find.

Learn About Someone’s Past By Searching Arrest Records & Criminal History

public record searchWe live in a world where people get scammed and cheated by people every day. The internet has opened a whole new world to crooks and other unsavory characters who will pray on the kindness and gullibility of others, looking to get anything they can, especially money.

Sadly, it seems like there is some poor woman who is suckered by a guy that claims he is one person when he is not. All of these women thought they were meeting Prince Charming, when the person they were communicating with was the biggest toad of all. Your hard earned money is not there for someone to abuse and cheat you, so you need to be smart about what you are doing.

You might want to have a criminal lookup done on the person you have met to make sure that they are legit. Check Criminal Record will do a criminal history check, as well as provide you with other kinds of information to make sure that you can trust the person you are talking to. While it will not eliminate all the scammers out there, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and a lot your money by knowing if someone is really all that they claim to be.

criminal background searchConsider that getting involved with someone who is not who he claims to be can mean more than them swindling you out of your money. They could hurt you or harm you in other ways, so it pays to make sure that this person is really who they say they are. Your life may literally be at risk if you don’t do this. They may not want you to do such a thing, but if they don’t have anything to hide they will understand. It pays to be safe.